reFilactive™ Intro & Tips 3D Filament

reFilactive™ – reflective material

BotFeeder reFilactive™ (or reflective, homophonically) is a reflective material made possible by incorporating light-redirecting beads. And in order for users to utilize this innovative material on diversified brands/models of FDM 3D printers, BotFeeder has undergone countless tests and experiments prior to  declaring reFilactive™  – reflective material’s product launch at last. This long-awaited material is the fruit of perfectly balanced merits, whether it be processability, printability, superficial representation of prints, or on top of all, the reflection intensity in the dark.




Through 3D printing, users will be able to create some of the most unique and ingenious light-reflective designs to aid nocturnal visibility, in motion or stationary, to promote safety for night travelers/strollers. From the start, reFilactive TM – reflective material was developed to embrace broad applications in mind, and to this end a flexible material also came to shape, so users may have the freedom to stick, stitch, nail, or adopt other means which are most fitting to a particular purpose.


automobiles, motorbikes, bicycles, helmets, accessories, number plates, logos, key chains, night safety signs/guides, wristbands, shoes … etc.

For Optimal Effect

reFilactive™ reflective print, light (e.g. automotive or other light source), and eyesight are aligned.

Redirected light intensity is dependent on the brightness of the light source itself.