neo-PLA™ Advanced - Tips & Recommendation

neo-PLA ™

neo-PLA is the enhanced version of BotFeeder’s PURE PLA filament series as our response and solution to much-welcomed feedback/suggestions received over the years, by users and machinery factories alike. Our team, owing to our expertise in materials, combining with 30,000+ cumulative hours of printing experiences and exchanges of opinions/discussions, has rendered BotFeeder “neo-PLA” the advanced version possible after six months’ continuous tests and developments.



neo-PLA Features

neo-PLA is the fruit of a series of brand new techniques adoption, through high-pressure, low-temperature, and low-shearing force processing procedures, which results in upholding the material’s properties intact, near-unaltered. Further, following an extensive amount of experimenting and 1,000+ hours of prints testing, in conjunction with feedback/testimonials as supports, neo-PLA is compatible with most 3D printer models equipped with full-metal nozzle(i.e. without teflon tube). And in addition to dramatically enhanced toughness, one may discover also sleeker finish in prints due to even layering from stable extrusion flow.


Printing Conditions


Nozzle Temp.: 185℃ ~ 220℃.

Print Speed : 30 ~ 90 mm/s

Thicknes : 0.05 ~ 0.4mm

Heated Bed Temp.: nnecessary (If available, 60 ~ 65℃ is recommended.)

Heated Bed Surface Material: Heating is mandatory for sheer glass surface, 3M Blue Tape is fine otherwise


As different printer models vary by design, users may still need to adjust the settings in order to get the best results (e.g. 0.2mm thickness at 198℃ at 35mm/s).